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Welcome to Catalyst


By Emoba a - Posted Jun 5, 14
Welcome to Catalyst!

Thank you for coming for a visit! We are a meta guild on the Stormrage server founded in June 2014. Our goal is to provide a friendly community of teams and casual players that work together rather than directly compete. If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to whisper any of our officers!

If you are a casual player looking for a home, whisper an officer for an invite. You need not apply to join! We welcome our friends of Stormrage to have fun with us in guild chat and guild activities.

If you would like to apply for a raider  position, please look at the teams listed below to see what they are recruiting. You can whisper the raid leaders in-game, message them on the forums, or complete an application. (Click the 'Recruitment' tab at the top of the page to complete an application.)

If you would like to bring an entire team into the guild, please message one of the officers through the forums or whisper them in-game. It's important to us that we accept each new team individually and work with you to make the integration work for us!

If you are looking to make a  new team, please message one of the officers through the forums or whisper them in-game. Maybe we can work something out!

**Our horde sister guild is It's Bloodlust Not Hero. Our members can home their horde alts in this guild. Alliance alts of It's Bloodlust Not Hero are welcome in our guild!**